Baseball in the Berkshires
A County's Common Bond

Baseball in the berkshires

A County's
Common Bond


"We can only suppose that if
baseball was banned in Pittsfield
in 1791, it was not a nuisance devised in that year, that it had been played here some time before."

John Thorn, Major League Baseball's official historian.


The restrictions, adopted in 1791, banned the games of "Wickets, Cricket, Baseball, Batball, Football, Cat, Fives or any Game or Games with Balls within the distance of eighty yards from said meeting house." Violators to be subject to a five shilling fine.


 Wahconah park

The home of Pittsfield baseball for many years.

The home of Pittsfield baseball for many years.

Baseball in the berkshires - the book


One of many firsts


Home to one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the country still in use, the Berkshires has contributed 40 major league players including two native born who are in the Baseball Hall of Fame.


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